Review of Bear 10L . Oil Free Fryer

Are you trying to save time and effort by finding a contemporary, clever, and superior air fryer? The Bear 10L oil-free fryer will thus probably be a choice that you love. With you, this post on will carefully go through all the advantages and benefits of an air fryer.

Evaluation of the Bear 10L. oil-free fryer

  • Bear 10L air fryer specifications China origin
    China, the country of origin
  • Net volume: ten liters
  • Energy: 1500W
  • Voltage for use: 220V/50Hz
  • Stainless steel as a material
  • Size: 7.7 kilogram
  • Warranty: 18 months, and in the event of a technical issue, a 1 to 1
  • Exchange is possible within a month.

Modern style

The shape of Bear’s oil-free fryer is smooth and angular. Because the fryer is composed of stainless steel and has a 1500W capacity, it is quite safe. An oil-free fryer in your kitchen allows you make inventive recipes and gives your house a contemporary feel.

Advanced technologies

The fryer cooks food using convection heat technology, which helps to preserve nutrients. When the food tray is detected to be open, Bear Pot will automatically disconnect and, if the door is closed, restart.

User health and safety

Compared to frying with oil and using an electric burner, the fryer produces less heat when it is working, which limits the amount of heat you will experience when cooking. When cooking using an oil-free fryer, it is not only easier but also healthier for you to avoid eating too many fried dishes that include oil.

Flexible tool

You may make a range of tasty foods for your family using Bear’s oil-free fryer. Because the fryer can be used for more than just frying meat—it can also be used to grill it, cook vegetables, and bake cakes—it is quite practical. You only need to purchase items to bring home, and you may prepare delectable meals without having to visit a store.

The 10L air fryer can cook a lot of food at once because of its enormous capacity and three floors, including chicken that can be fried in the first compartment, cakes in the second, and vegetables that can be baked in the third.

The fryer’s capacity is substantial.

Due to the fact that most fryers today have a capacity of 3.6 or 5 liters, the fryer has a very high capacity. Only tiny families can make use of the limited space. The 10l oil-free fryer is assured to be able to prepare food for large groups of people or get-togethers of friends and family. And it doesn’t take a lot of repetitions to obtain enough meal.

Simple to clean and sanitize

After use, the air fryer is very simple to clean. The fryer’s components are simple to disassemble for cleaning because of its hygienic non-stick coating. Save plenty of time cleaning as a result.
Food is unlikely to stick to the pot and wash forever because many other types of fryers are challenging to clean. Consequently, you no longer need to be concerned about this fryer.

High efficiency and power

The 10L oil-free fryer’s capability of up to 1500W makes it possible to prepare delectable meals more quickly than ever. aids in making the delectable food crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, yet still nutrient-rich.

Warranty for Bear’s oil-free fryers

If there is a manufacturer problem, bear oil-free fryer goods have a 30-day 1-for-1 exchange warranty and a warranty that lasts up to 18 months.


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