Review Of Coex Rice Cooker? How Much?

How much does a Coex rice cooker cost and how excellent is it? Today, a large number of consumers are curious about this issue. Please continue reading our post below for the answers to those questions.

Coex rice cooker from which nation?

A product of the Coex Vietnam brand is the Coex rice cooker. This brand focuses in producing common electrical and home equipment such washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, hot and cold water heaters, and rice cookers.

Coex goods are consistently praised for their high level of quality, variety of designs, safety, and affordability.
Additionally, Coex is renowned for providing high-quality after-sales support with the same commitment to serving the needs of every customer.

How much does a Coex rice cooker cost?

The cost of the Coex rice cooker may vary based on the type of pot. A traditional rice cooker typically sells for between 0.8 and 1.5 million VND. The selling price for the various high-frequency electronic rice cooker lines ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 million VND.

Coex rice cooker

In general, this is a very affordable price that many Vietnamese households can afford.

Is Coex a decent rice cooker?

Different types and models: Along with classic rice cookers, Coex has introduced a variety of electronic, small, high-frequency, and other types of rice cookers. Clients will benefit from this. There are more product alternatives.

Elegant and stylish design: Coex’s rice cookers are mostly modern, lovely, and small in size. The Coex rice cooker comes in a wide range of colors that are appropriate for a variety of living situations.

Depending on the type of pot, Coex uses 2D and 3D heat technology for quick cooking and high heat retention. However, regardless of the heat technique employed, the Coex rice cooker can still cook rice rapidly and effectively, and it also has excellent heat retention capabilities. The ability of several pot models to maintain warmth for up to 24–48 hours is quite practical.

Coex rice cooker

Multiple uses: Coex’s electronic rice cookers and high-frequency electric rice cookers come with a variety of automatic cooking modes that make it simple and quick to produce stews, soups, and stock in addition to rice.

Wide range of capacities: Coex rice cookers also come in a wide range of capacities, ranging from 0.8 to 2 liters, making it simple for customers to select the model that best suits their requirements.

Superior, secure materials Coex rice cookers are often composed of high-quality components, have a shiny exterior, and are simple to clean. Typically, plastic and aluminum alloy are combined to create the pot’s robust and effective body. PTFE non-stick coating that is incredibly strong and safe is typically applied to the pot core.

The shortcomings of the Coex rice cooker

The Coex rice cooker’s lowest brand awareness is its largest and most obvious drawback. Coex is currently fairly “faded” in comparison to many other rice cooker brands because this is a new brand that has not yet attracted a large user base.


Hopefully after reading this post, you will know whether or not the Coex rice cooker is a decent one. Please visit and place an order at the website or get in touch with us at the hotline number below if you wish to get a genuine Coex rice cooker.

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