Review of Soundcore Life Q20

Impressively affordable considering the comfort, active noise-cancelling performance, and sonic quality

Our Finding

The SoundCore Life Q20 is a superb option for individuals shopping on a tight budget because it offers an amazing price-to-performance ratio in comparison to other top wireless headphones. Although these headphones don’t have any field-leading features, the sound quality, active noise cancellation, and comfort are all above average, and the pricing is below average. The headband is fairly large, even when it is adjusted to its smallest size, which is the single drawback to our endorsement of these headphones. This implies that individuals with smaller skulls can have problems finding a snug and comfortable fit. If your head or ears are unusual, earbuds or another form of headphone may potentially be an option.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless

Results of our analysis and testing

The Life Q20 headphones essentially set themselves out from the rest of the best wireless headphones based on their value. These headphones could be categorized as good but not exceptional in every way, but we would typically anticipate that level of awesomeness to cost significantly more.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless

Sound Performance

The overall sound of the Soundcore Life Q20 is warm, with the bass end having the most distinct articulation. Vocals still frequently sound smooth and pleasant, if a little on the subdued side, even when the bass end is brought to the forefront. When listening to music with these headphones, we frequently found ourselves bopping our heads because this setup works well with pretty much any musical style.

So how do these headphones stack up against more expensive, premium models? Really well, in fact. The Life Q20 holds its own despite most of the expensive versions we’ve heard sounding substantially better. The voice frequency range is where there is the most disparity. Vocals sound a little bit more sunken and hollow on the Life Q20 than they do on premium versions, which tend to give them a little bit more clarity and brightness. Additionally, the Life Q20’s low end might start to sound a little muddy and chaotic when listening to tracks with a lot of bass.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless

Premium vehicles, in comparison, usually maintain a more formal appearance in certain circumstances. These criticisms, though, are pretty minor and undoubtedly did not detract from the enjoyable listening experience we had with the Life Q20.Additionally, these headphones have a bass-boost capability that can be used with a quick double-click of the play button. Sincerely, we believe you could live without this function. The result is a booming but hollow sound that undoubtedly highlights the bass while intentionally pushing everything else to the background.
The majority of listeners will be more than satisfied with these headphones overall, especially given their affordable price, and their minor flaws.

Isolation from noise

Again, the Life Q20 performs admirably for its price range by offering comfortable cushioning that forms a tight seal against the head to block out sounds passively and efficient active noise-canceling technology.


The Q20 is difficult to top if you want to get the most value out of your wireless headphone budget. For an impressively, almost unbelievable cheap price, these offer a terrific overall experience. The Soundcore Life Q20 is one of the best value solutions we’ve found because it’s easy on the ears and your pocketbook. Sure, it doesn’t quite achieve premium sound, but for a tiny fraction of the cost of most premium models, it comes rather near.

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