Review Of The Popular OLIVO CB400 Nut Milk Maker

2The nut milk maker is a tool that everyone is familiar with. Mini nut milk manufacturing machines, which vary in both amount and quality, were created to address the rising demand for nut milk from office workers or nursing mothers. And if you’re unsure which tiny nut milk maker to get, look into the OLIVO CB400 model, which has quickly become one of LIVO’s best-selling products.

The OLIVO CB400 Nut Milk Maker

For cooking nut milk or porridge, women are quite familiar with the nut milk manufacturing machine. Simply told, this kind of gadget is not only more versatile than a blender but is also not inferior to one. The control panel, rotor, heating plate, mortar, and blade are the basic components of the nut milk maker.

The machine’s structure and working principal are quite straightforward but incredibly efficient. If in the past you had to roast, filter, and cook nuts to make milk, this nut milk maker combines all three processes into one simple step. All you have to do is add the ingredients, choose the program, and push the button. begin button. Thus, after a specific amount of time, you can enjoy hot bowls of porridge or delightful glasses of milk that are packed with nutrients.

OLIVO CB400 nut milk make

You don’t need to keep an eye on the stove or perform any additional tasks while the multi-cooker is operating. Therefore, having a nut milk maker or a multi-function culinary blender will help you save a lot of time while preserving the nutritional value of nut milk.

Despite being just introduced, the OLIVO CB400 tiny nut milk machine has already become a best-selling item. Let’s investigate why the OLIVO CB400 is so well-liked and popular.

1. What are the OLIVO CB400’s capacity and capacity?

The OLIVO CB400 small machine has a 600ml capacity. This amount of space allows for cooking for 1-3 people each time, preventing food waste if few people use it and guaranteeing milk quality is always fresh without having to worry about overcooking it and storing it in the refrigerator.
The cooking mill is similarly small and not at all bulky with this capacity.

This is the reason why this product may be found not just in every family’s kitchen but also in cafes, offices, and picnic areas.

The OLIVO CB400’s capacity of 750W is relatively high compared to other mini-machines on the market, despite the fact that it is a machine with a modest capacity. As a result, the final milk product is pure and smooth without being mushy.

2. Prominent characteristics of the OLIVO CB400

OLIVO CB400 has up to 7 functions even though it is a little machine, including:

  • Nut milk: Useful for cooking regular nuts without adding any additional ingredients.
    Milk Beans, soybeans, and other legumes can be cooked for 35 minutes in nuts. These nuts will be quite pungent and pungent if not boiled properly.
  • Uncooked Milk: Good for cooked oily nuts including macadamia, flax, hemp, almonds, and walnuts. These nuts will lose their inherent nutrition if they are overdone. seed.Smooth porridge: Fit for the elderly or young children who have just begun to wean. Everyday porridge preparation will be simpler than ever.

OLIVO CB400 nut milk make


  • Porridge Porridge is appropriate for both adults and young children who are learning to consume it.
  • Smoothies: In addition to making porridge, blending smoothies maybe done with the OLIVO CB400 nut milk that is cooked.
  • Cleaning: Fill the mortar with water, choose the cleaning option, and the machine will automatically clean any milk traces, food that has remained in the bowl, and the blade.

Thus, it substitutes 3 devices—producing nut milk, creating oatmeal, and making smoothies—with just 1 small machine, which is incredibly simple and quick.

The OLIVO CB400 has a lot of features and is also outfitted with thermal sensor technology. When the required temperature is attained, the heat automatically decreases to prevent burning, burning, or overfilling the bottle. This temperature sensor aids in temperature management.
While the machine is running, the user can add ingredients using the Pause function, and they can also memorize the cycle without having to start over from scratch.

The 304 stainless steel blade on the OLIVO CB400 is odorless when cooking at high temperatures, which contributes to its safety. Ensure food safety and the safety of milk products.

Where can I purchase an OLIVO CB400 nut milk maker?

Since OLIVO is a premium household name, its goods not only guarantee the users’ quality and safety but also radiate luxury in their appearance.
In addition to offering high-quality goods, OLIVO also takes care of clients’ needs and satisfies their after-sale expectations. Nationwide, OLIVO items come with a two-year warranty. If there is a manufacturer defect with the product, exchange it within the first 10 days. This demonstrates the company’s standing and accountability.

OLIVO CB400 nut milk make

The same guidelines are used by OLIVO with regard to the CB400 product. For information and assistance, call 1900 63 83 82 (Branch No. 1) or go to the website if you want to purchase authentic goods at the best available prices. Any inquiries regarding the product.

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