[Review] Sharp FP-JM30V-B’s Super Peak Mosquito Catching

An air purifier with a super peak mosquito catching feature is the Sharp FP-JM30V-B. The air purifier swiftly filters the air so that we may breathe in clean, fresh air that is mosquito-free. It has a sleek, small design. Consumer Connection will go through the specifics and features of this device in more detail here.

1. Information regarding the Sharp FP-JM30V-B air purifier

Sharp FP-JM30V-B is a specialized filter that can filter clean air and capture mosquitoes, making it superior than conventional purifiers in this regard. The filter is ideal for room areas with a surface area of 23m2 because it has a simple yet opulent style and can swiftly filter odors. Sharp FP-JM30V-B is outfitted by the Japanese company with a number of contemporary technologies, including a power-saving inverter, a very quick Haze filter,…

Sharp Air Purifier FP-JM30V-B

Additionally, the 1-year genuine warranty guarantee from Sharp isentirely available to you when you purchase goods from Consumer Connection.

One Sharp air purifier, model number FP-JM30V-B, together with user manuals are included in the whole package of products.


  • Sharp is the brand.
  • Power source: 220 to 240 volts.
  • PCI machine ion density (ion/cm3): 7000
  • High, medium, or sleep for the fan speed
  • Maximum power consumption (W) is 53. Maximum air flow (m3/hour) is 180.
  • Maximum decibel (dB) level: 44
  • HEPA coarse dust filter as the filter type
  • ¬†Able to deodorize: pets, bodies, mold, tobacco, etc.
  • Capacity to lessen: Germs, Viruses, Pollen, Mites, Pet Hair,…
  • The capacity for mosquito capture
  • Weight: 4.7 kg; 12-month warranty

2. Prominent benefits of the Sharp FP-JM30V-B air purifier

2.1 Effectively filters smells and traps insects

To create a cool, vibrant environment, HEPA filters the air to remove dust, bacteria, mold, etc. The filter has a 99.97% capture rate for fine dust, which is a known human asthmatic and respiratory illness trigger.
Due to its tropical climate, Vietnam is a prime location for mosquito breeding and development, which results in the risky dengue fever that affects humans. The Sharp FP-JM30V-B is therefore equipped with an adhesive film that has outstanding mosquito catching properties in addition to the coarse filter and HEPA filter. This is another fantastic benefit of the Sharp FP-JM30V-B filter over the Sharp FP-J30E-A filter. Here are some details about the Sharp FP-J30E-A air purifier.

2.2 Having cutting-edge Plasmacluster technology

A technique called a plasmacluster produces both negative and positive ions to help remove grime, mildew, and odors while also regenerating water molecules in the air. The technology specifically generates up to 7000 ion particles/m3, which is twice the quantity of ions present in a green park. This helps to maintain clean yet moist air that doesn’t dry out the skin.

Sharp Air Purifier FP-JM30V-B

2.3 Quick odor filtering with multiple modes

The machine can be employed in a variety of ways based on the available space, with a 23 m2 room promoting the greatest results. In particular, when in Haze mode, the air purifier will run the fan at high speed automatically for the first 60 minutes, then alternate between low and high levels for the final 20 minutes. When users want to filter the air rapidly and effectively, haze mode is appropriate for use.

2.4 Easy operation and energy conservation

With a maximum noise level of only 44 dB, the Sharp air purifier runs very quietly while offering consumers a calm environment to unwind in after a long day at work. With the help of extremely energy-efficient inverter technology, you can use the gadget without concern for it consuming a lot of power all day.

2.5 Elegant, minimalistic style

Sharp Filter’s sleek, opulent black appearance makes it easy to use in businesses and home spaces without sacrificing style. With a lightweight 4.7kg construction, the purifier is portable and simple to use in confined settings. Simple, secure button operations make it easy for any member of the family to use the purifier.

Tips for using an air purifier:

Sharp Air Purifier FP-JM30V-B

  • Avoid placing the machine close to furniture or electrical appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, etc. to prevent interference that could lower the unit’s ability to filter air effectively.
  • Avoid leaving the gadget in a damp environment as it could leak electricity and pose a risk
  • ¬†Vacuum the HEPA filter 2-4 times a week, and under no circumstances should it be washed with water or exposed to sunlight.


You should now be better knowledgeable about the Sharp FP-JM30V-B mosquito-catching air purifier after reading the text above. You can use this device if you need to purchase an air purifier with contemporary features, decent quality, and effective mosquito catching.

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