[User Review]Slow Fashion with Curves by Dani Marie

Due to COVID, two sisters who live more than 17,000 kilometers apart have developed a plus-size clothing company in Australia that is both innovative and responsibly produced.

Sylvie Wilson, 32, of Sydney, and her sister Danielle, 31, who lives in the UK, have come together to produce Dani Marie, a slow-moving fashion collection with 33 elegant pieces that emphasizes comfort and form without sacrificing quality, elegance, or blazing flair.

Slow Fashion with Curves

Review Slow Fashion with Curves by Dani Marie

Only 20% of clothing is still produced and sold in sizes 14 and up in Australia, despite the fact that 63% of Australian women wear these sizes.
After recognizing a huge market need for a contemporary yet classic plus sized brand and using customer data from their plus sized marketplace, Insyze, Sylvie and Danielle launched Dani Marie out of concern for the tsunami of quick fashion, especially for the plus sized market.

Because women’s body shapes and weight fluctuate constantly and they need clothing that can adapt to these changes, the Dani Marie brand is unique in that none of its pieces include zippers, buttons, or other fastenings. As a result, the fashion company now has a sophisticated and stylish collection of items that are suitable for any event and can be worn throughout the year.

The Santorini collection by Dani Marie is all about statement-making clothing. The adaptable long sleeve top has beautiful details around the neck and appealing sleeves. It is available in black or deep blue. A timeless cream dress with lovely elbow-length sleeves exudes amazing shape and form. Like every dress offered by the label, this one can be dressed up for more formal situations or is ideal for a more laid-back environment.’

Slow Fashion with Curves

The blue and white paisley dress, which can be worn off the shoulder, is another eye-catching style. The wrap-around dress promotes outdoor living and is a terrific style for all seasons. It has a subdued peach tint. There are several lovely black dresses available that are the perfect fit for a more professional appearance or may be slipped into for an evening excursion.
The pieces in the collection, according to Sylvie Wilson, cofounder of Dani Marie, are made for plus-sized bodies and are elastic and adjustable to cater for a woman’s natural fluctuations in weight and comfort with her body.

Users review

We learned that many plus size ladies shared my sister Danielle’s frustrations in trying to locate apparel in her size (sizes 18 to 20). Additionally, there aren’t many plus-size options that are ethically or sustainably produced, according to Sylvie.

“With a background in marketing and fashion, my sister and I decided to address both of these issues by launching a plus size marketplace (, which has an algorithm that makes personalized recommendations for users in their size, style, and budget – and helps users discover more plus size brands that are made in an ethical and sustainable way.”

“Insyze has grown to more than 25,000 users, and we immediately realized that consumers were looking for clothing that was ethically and sustainably created, as well as for designs in simple colors that were both feminine and contemporary.With this information in hand, we established Dani Marie, a slow fashion plus size clothing company that offers ethically produced yet reasonably priced clothing to customers in sizes 14 to 30. Sylvie tacked on.

Despite being separated by distance, time zones, and the pandemic, the sisters collaborated to design their clothing brand, which they eventually released in 2021.

Slow Fashion with Curves

The sisters are now launching Dani Marie in Australia and New Zealand after the brand’s initial debut in the US was so successful.

Every Dani Marie item, which is produced in India by a family-owned factory, is made to be classic and timelessly beautiful so that it may be worn for many years to come. Sylvie tacked on.


We prioritized having excellent working conditions and earnings that are above market rate at the factory.We both put forth a lot of effort to develop a clothing line that is both high-quality and timeless in its elegance while remaining reasonably priced. Each item we create has undergone extensive workshopping so it can be worn over a range of seasons, which is a quality fast fashion rarely possesses.

And the feedback shows that the new line is generating the anticipated excitement. The Dani Marie collection, according to Melissa, owner of Ritz of Rosanna in Melbourne, is “cut comfy for curves, while still being shapely and cute.”
The Dani Marie is priced between $83 and $159 (AUD).

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