What kind of tree fan is good? Top 3 best fans to buy

What is a tree fan? Which brand of fan should I buy?

Tree fan (Standing fan) is an electromechanical fan with a vertical design that can be easily moved from one location to another. The main structure of the product includes cage, wing, shaft and motor. The fan can be adjusted in height and low to suit a variety of use spaces. The bottom of the fan has a large base for a firm grip to help the fan easily stand. Currently, on the market, there are many famous brands of electrical appliances with many quality fan products, here are some of the most prominent names.

Badge Fan 36 Sankyo

It must be said that Sankyo’s fans appear in many families because of the reasonable price but the quality is undisputed. The product must definitely be in the top of the best tree fan for everyone to refer to.

  • Specifications Fan size: 16 Inch
  • Fan speed: 3Number of blades: 5 blades
  • Power consumption: 45W Input voltage: 220V
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 28cm x 44cm x 90-100cm
  • Features Luxurious design and modern, suitable for many spaces such as living room, bedroom, office, shop… 45W capacity for cool and smooth wind, no noise when operating.
  • High quality plastic propeller, anti-rust and easy to clean.
  • The fan also has a solid steel frame and a solid base, ensuring safety when using.
  • Mezzanine fans can be adjusted to low height.
  • Energy saving.
  • Strong and durable copper wire motor.

Tree fan Senko 7 blades LTS1636

Outstanding advantages

  • Power: 65W
  • Voltage: 220V-50HZ
  • Height (mm): 860 – 960
  • Airflow: 76m3/min
  • Wingspan: 40 cm
  • Wind speed: 3
  • Number of blades: 7
  • HighlightsThe product is equipped with 3 speeds
  • Wind from high to low for users to freely choose.

Outstanding advantages

You can easily adjust the fan features thanks to the knob on the back. With good cooling ability, very affordable price, the fan is always in the top best-selling products. Safe design for users, with fan protection net made of impact-resistant and anti-impact ABS plastic. rust.

Simplus 16-inch tree fan with large wind capacity

Simplus 16 inch tree fan is a high-end electric fan product, suitable for many spaces such as living room, bedroom or office. This is a product worth considering in the list of any good tree fans worth buying today.


  • Power: 55W Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Wind flow: 60m3/min
  • Wind speed: 3 levels
  • Fan diameter: 40cm
  • Fan height: adjustable from 110cm to 130cm
  • Function: turn left and right, up and down, timer, adjustable remote control
  • Color: white Weight: 5kg

Outstanding advantages:

Luxurious, modern design, easy to coordinate with the interior. ABS plastic propeller is anti-rust, dust-proof, easy to clean. Powerful, smooth, energy-saving motor. Wide rotation angle, with You can adjust the wind direction at will. There is a timer function to turn on and off the fan from 1 to 7 hours. There is a convenient remote control, easy to use.

Nanomax Standing Tree Fan with remote control

Nanomax Standing Tree Fan with remote control


  • Fan body control: Induction
  • Timer use: From 0.5 hours to 8 hours
  • Power: 45W Wind speed: 3 speeds
  • Wind angle: 120 degrees
  • Wind radius: 10 meters
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Propeller: 5 blades
  • Wing diameter: 40 cm
  • Product height: 113 cm
  • Power cord: 120cm

Outstanding advantages:

Powerful motor, aluminum-coated copper core, durable and energy-saving operation. Remote control, LCD touch screen, allows you to adjust wind speed, timer, wind mode and wind angle one at a time. Easy and convenient way. 5-blade propeller, 40cm diameter, creates cool and strong wind, can cover up to 10m wide. Two separate wind modes: daytime wind and night wind. Daytime wind is continuous wind, nighttime wind is intermittent wind combined with natural wind, helping you have a good and deep sleep. Modern, luxurious and solid design. Quiet operation, no noise, brings cool breeze in your room.

Standing fan with remote control Senko DR1608

The fan comes from the extremely famous Senko brand, this is the clear answer to the question of what kind of tree fan is good today. The fan has a large operating capacity, fast cooling ability, fast heat dissipation, bringing your family a pleasant cool breeze. The fan has 2 wind speeds, strong wind and natural wind. Depending on your needs, you can customize it to best suit your needs.


  • Motor: Silver Propeller diameter: 39cm
  • Motor core: Copper wire
  • Timer: Yes Voltage source: 220V
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Number of blades: 7 blades
  • Wind speed: 3 speeds
  • Size: 110cm x 20cm x 45cm

Outstanding advantages:

The fan’s timer function is up to 8 hours, so you can comfortably sleep without getting up in the middle of the night. Efficient energy saving in case you often forget to turn off the fan. Senko electric fan has a luxurious and compact design. with a wing length of up to 39cm, gray color suitable for many spaces of use. Users can also adjust the high and low level of the fan extremely convenient. The wide diversion part, for better cooling. Handy remote control, helps to adjust the fan without having to get close. The fan blade is tight, the fan cage is sure to ensure the safety of the user when fan contact.


We have sent you the most detailed information about the fan product that is being trusted by everyone. Hopefully, based on the above products, you can answer the question of which type of tree fan is good and choose the most suitable product for your family.

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